Best CRM IN Egypt

Workflows differ from business to business & user to user as the best CRM systems in Egypt battle through a field that doesn’t recognize its importance. With a growing & evolving market that always seeks new features & easier accessibility to its users. In this article we are discussing and dissecting the Egyptian Market &…Continue readingBest CRM IN Egypt

Popular CRM Systems; Zoho, Pipe Drive & Flash Lead

Popular CRM Systems; In this blog we have always discussed the best CRM’s available in the market. The Market is filled with CRM’s that can help your business thrive and profit, but as we discussed in a previous article not all good CRM’s are good for your business. Awareness of your business and your business…Continue readingPopular CRM Systems; Zoho, Pipe Drive & Flash Lead

Connect Facebook leads to CRM

Connect facebook leads to CRM. In the world of marketing Lead generation campaigns became a very powerful tool to create qualified leads, a lot of social media platforms (dominated by Facebook and LinkedIn) are offering this objective for their advertisers. Where you create a form with questions for your targeted audience and once they fill…Continue readingConnect Facebook leads to CRM

Flash Lead CRM, Built For The Middle East.

Flash Lead CRM is the next big thing not because this is self promotion but it is bound to happen, because it puts the customer’s needs first and allocates all of its resources for the bigger picture. Flash Lead CRM understands the market and how it operates. It designs its features for each specific market…Continue readingFlash Lead CRM, Built For The Middle East.

How To Choose The Right CRM System For you?

How to Choose the Right CRM System for your business is certainly an important task. In a world of growing businesses, a world where integration is key for your business to catch up, a world where harmony between all sectors is essential, being up to date is merely being one step ahead. The worlds of…Continue readingHow To Choose The Right CRM System For you?